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Custom Log Home Construction
"Build your dream, and Live it".
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Anchorage Hillside Home

Anchroage hillside home by CMMCMM home - note the real river rock "siding" and massive porch supportsSunset from a home of dreams....The "first real step" -- finding your lot!
                     2nd real step - the logs are ordered!  Look at those trees!Meanwhile, CMM prepares the foundation.  Note the high huge insulated blocks!Custom designed kitchens and hardwood floors are CMM quality touchesMany CMM homes have built in pantries, a great food storage idea!
          The logs arrive - ready for CMM to go to work!Moving the logs and securing them to the foundationCMM crew in action--log by log, the owner's dream takes shapeCMM uses the finest materials in the industry--note the roofpanels!
 As the roof goes on, the house slowly becomes a homeCMM hired craftsman builds a log railing from beetle-killed spruce, one piece at a time!
Many CMM owners choose unique applicances and accents to compliment their homesA custom log home is a home to "live" inA log dining room is a place to gather for holiday meals, family get-togethers, and daily dinner mealsNotice the built in log mantels, the curviture of the rockwork, and the practical, energy efficiency of this fireplace.