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Eagle River home by CMM

Big windows, log railings, and great porches are common on many CMM log  homesExterior view closeup--steel roof is a lifetime roofMany owners of CMM constructed homes  choose massive fireplaces to set  the sceneAn archway makes this CMM home unique and  specialQuality, handbuilt log railings and beautiful custom made staircases are trademarks of CMM workmanship

Beautiful stonework and custom mantels make this fireplace uniqueClose up view of hand constructed log staircase by CMMView through the archway - a picture is worth a 1000 wordsArches can be designed with many different shapes

Another arch makes this  home speicalWow...what a dining  room!This owner  chose a unique claw bathtub for that 'log cabin' experienceMaster bedroom.  Note the beatiful ceiling by CMMArchways careful cut into the log walls  can add tremendously to a CMM home

Kitchen and quality go hand-in-hand in every CMM home; large or smallLog living is specialInterior view;   the  quality of construction is apparent everywhere you lookA loft dormer makes otherwise wasted space usable.  Now THIS is a computer study!

Loft bedroom---now  this is a kids room?  Wow!Another loft bedroom--quality everywhere you lookA view from upstairs....tquality design,  and care in craftsmanship make this home what it is.Upstairs bedroom; log posts, 6 panel doors, and installed ceiling fans are trademarks of many CMM homes